Appeals and claims

Sustainable Development Program


Customer complaints will be received by the QHSE department or the head of the division or unit concerned and recorded in QESIS. The business unit concerned is notified by QESIS. Depending on the importance of the complaint, other persons may be informed.


The client may appeal the decision of Bureau Veritas Côte d'Ivoire in the following cases:

  • Refusal of a certificate, Suspension, or cancellation of certification ;
  • Refusal to accept an application ;
  • Refusal to carry out an assessment ;
  • Delay in the certification decision.

Appeals are handled under the responsibility of the head of the division or unit concerned. An acknowledgment of receipt is sent to the client without delay. The formulation of an appeal must be made in writing and preferably within 15 days following notification of the contested decision.

After this period, Bureau Veritas Côte d'Ivoire reserves the right not to give a favorable response to the appeal, especially if the time limit does not allow to comply with the certification program.

The decision is taken by a person not involved in the certification activities related to the appeal. A written response is provided to the client.


Complaints from third parties are handled under the responsibility of the technical department, which investigates and determines whether the complaint is related to a certified activity and carries out a cause analysis.
A response is given to the complainant and the nature of the treatment is recorded.

Bureau Veritas Côte d'Ivoire undertakes to respect confidentiality requirements with regard to the complainant and the client. An assessment of claims, appeals, and complaints is brought to the attention of the impartiality committee.

For any complaints, please contact:

AKA Marie Berthe
Responsable Programmes de Durabilité / Sustainability Program Manager
+225 07 67 414 908