Bureau Veritas Côte d'Ivoire awards "Green Terminal" label to Côte d'Ivoire Terminal

Jul. 3 2023

Bureau Veritas Côte d'Ivoire recently awarded the Green Terminal label to the company "Côte d'Ivoire Terminal".

Côte d'Ivoire Terminal is a subsidiary of Africa Global Logistics (AGL) and concession holder for the Port of Abidjan's second container terminal.The "Green Terminal" label launched in June 2021 by AGL, in partnership with Bureau Veritas, aims to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of its activities based on a methodology covering all environmental concerns.

This certification is the result of an audit carried out by experts from Bureau Veritas Côte d'Ivoire. The company was audited on the basis of the eight pillars of the "Green Terminal" certification process developed by AGL. These include assessment of operational processes, construction of infrastructure in line with international standards, waste management, employee training and proper management of environmental issues".

"Obtaining the Green Terminal label is proof of Côte d'Ivoire Terminal's commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. This label certifies our responsible approach and encourages us to continue our efforts to make our terminal an example", Koen De Backker, Manager of Côte d'Ivoire Terminal.