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2021 Training calendar

Mar. 16 2021

In all industries, achieving the highest levels of performance and compliance necessitates the collaboration of employees from top to bottom, at the local and global levels. With Bureau Veritas' extensive training options and resources, you can provide your employees with the skills and knowledge they need.

Bureau Veritas, the global leader in testing, inspection, and certification in the fields of quality (ISO 9001), health and safety (ISO 45001), environment (ISO 14001), social responsibility (ISO 26000), food safety (ISO 22000 and FSSC 2000), and other management standards, organizes IRCA certified auditor training and inter-company training in Ivory Coast.

All of the training is available in both remote and face-to-face formats. Whatever the standard, a qualified internal auditor is required to achieve and maintain compliance.

IRCA has registered all IRCA Certified Auditor courses.


IRCA Lead auditor ISO 9001V2015

5 Days     24th - 29th       06th - 10th      
Understanding ISO 9001v2015 Requirements IRCA Lead auditor ISO 9001V2015 3 Days 22th-24th          24th-26th        

IRCA Lead auditor ISO 14001V2015

5 Days       14th-18th            
Understanding the ISO 14001v2015 requirements 3 Days     12th -16th              
Assessment of occupational risks 3 Days               11th -13th     

IRCA Lead auditor ISO 45001V2018

5 Days       07th-11th         08th-12th  
Understanding the ISO 45001v2018 requirements 3 Days     18th-20th     19th-21th         
IRCA Lead auditor ISO 22001V2018 5 Days         12th -16th          
Understanding the ISO 22001v2018 requirements 3 Days   26th -28th   22th-24th   09th -13th        
Understanding the FSSC 22000 v 5.1 requirements 3 Days         28th-30th          
Understanding of HACCP requirements and implementation 3 Days     18th-19th              
Understanding the requirements of the BRC v8 standard 3 Days         20th-23th           
Food health risk assessment 3 Days           13th-15th     18th-20th    
Understanding the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 v 2017 3 Days                   06th-10th 
Understanding the requirements of ISO 27001 3 Days              13th-15th