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Delivering assurance on the quality and quantity of your shipments

What is Inspection of Agrifood & Commodities?

Inspection of Agrifood & Commodities involves inspecting products for specific criteria such as quality, weight, packing and labelling. Such inspections can be performed at different points in the product's supply chain including at the production site, and loading or unloading points. Bureau Veritas inspectors can survey the operations, report on the visual condition of cargo, perform weight tests, and draw samples to grade the product on site or ascertain the quality by analysis in a laboratory. They can also tally (= count) units of bags or cartons and perform other specific tasks as required. Regular reporting (generally on a daily basis) is provided to the client throughout all operations.

What are the key benefits?

  • Reassurance about actual weight and quality (or other criteria) of products.
  • Ability to react in time and protect your interests in case of a problem.
  • Third Party inspection results can be used to support sales.
  • The certificate may also be used as one of the documents to present in case of payment with a Letter of Credit.


  • Our Reputation: Bureau Veritas is one of the world's leading providers of inspection services. Established in 1828, Bureau Veritas acts as Trade Facilitation services provider on five continents.
  • Our Network: Our global presence offers you the convenience of international expertise combined with local service where you need it.
  • Our Personalized service: Bureau Veritas adapts its services to your needs. Bureau Veritas has developed and implemented several solutions to make the service more efficient and to help companies to integrate new stakes and transform them into operational results.
  • Our Recognition, Certification and Accreditation: Member of specialized international organizations such as GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association), FOSFA (Federation of Oilseeds and Fats Association), SAL (Sugar Association of London), Bureau Veritas is an active member of the Agri Committee of the IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies). Internationally recognized by the most important organizations, Bureau Veritas is certified ISO 9001 and was the first inspection body in the world to have its network accredited ISO 17020 within the scope of its Pre-Shipment Inspection and Verification of Conformity activities.


Missions are performed in accordance with our internal procedures which are compatible with those set up by international standards or professional organizations. They can be briefly described as follows:

  • Scope definition The client defines the framework and scope of the inspection with Bureau Veritas. This can include the specifications of the product to be inspected, the issuing of a specific check-list and the definition of our mission. The reporting format is agreed with the client in order to meet expectations.
  • Inspection of agrifood and commodities Once the scope of mission is defined, Bureau Veritas allocates experienced inspector(s) to attend on site according to inspection order including all required information (specifications, check-list, etc.).
  • Reporting The field report is transmitted to the local office which in turn informs the client on a regular basis about operations progress and inspection results. When required a final Inspection Report or Certificate will be issued and transmitted to the client.


Are you widely recognized?

Yes. For its international trade activities, Bureau Veritas is recognized by all the key players:

  • Professional organizations (including FOSFA and GAFTA).
  • International organizations (including EU, World Food program, UN procurement and UN bodies).
  • Main buyers (or procurement agencies) in destination countries.
  • Banks and insurance companies also accept the value of our Certificates.
Are you subcontracting?

No, we operate our own structure with presence on the ground in most of the main exporting/importing countries.